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Wearing Your Baby Whilst Pregnant

When I spotted these posts by blogger, Brooke Maree, I knew I had to share her insights on wearing a baby whilst pregnant. She is blogging from a personal experience and share insightful tips on babywearing whilst pregnant during her first, second and third trimester, with her second baby. Knowing how vital and practical a tool it was on her own journey as a new mum, she was adamant that all mothers have a chance to understand some simple techniques on how to carry comfortably and happily whilst pregant. Babywearing offers phenomenal benefits to the wearer, as well as the child, and is an effortless way to meet the many essential needs of a new-born child.

Please note that no two mothers and pregnancies are the same and what works for Brooke may not work for another mother and vice versa.


Even though your belly might not be visible yet and very few people are aware that you are pregnant, it will be official that you are carrying not one, but two babies. Brooke’s first baby was 1-year old during her first trimester, so keep in mind that if your baby is older or younger your approach might be different. Things to consider whilst wearing your baby in the first trimester:

  • Be safe

  • Do what’s easiest

  • Share the load

  • Watch the bladder

  • Enjoy your first baby

If you are experiencing a normal pregnancy, and you feel comfortable you can be rest assured that it is safe to carry your little one on as you did pre pregnancy. If you have any concerns, speak to your doctor or a babywearing consultant and always follow medical advice first. You can share the load by letting dad carrying your little one as well. You may find wearing your baby in carrier may put some extra pressure on your bladder so consider hip or back carry if you find yourself running to the loo too often.

To read Brooke’s original post with additional information, simply click here.


Wearing your child throughout your entire pregnancy might not be easy, but it can make life easier. The greatest advantage of carrying your baby in a sling, wrap or carrier whilst pregnant is that you will create a lasting bond between your first baby and yourself whilst growing your second. As your belly starts to show, wearing your baby during the second trimester will be different to the first trimester. The changes to your body will affect how you wear your first baby.

Each body experiences pregnancy differently, but a summary of how you may feel whilst carrying your baby during the second semester might include a feeling of:

  • More energy

  • Switching to a back carry

  • Having a friend in a ring sling

Tips on wearing your baby during the second trimester:

  • Watch your balance / core

  • Go slow

  • Breathe

  • Avoid a waistband

To read Brooke’s full experience on wearing a baby during the second trimester, simply click here.


Towards the end of your third trimester you might be looking forward to a feeling of not being pregnant and might not fancy wearing your older baby as often as you did during the first and second trimester. You will now probably find you can only carry your little one for brief periods of time on your back or hip. Brooke’s advice on third trimester babywearing includes:

  • Keep it simple as your energy levels might be low.

  • You will look crazy, but if you love it – do it!

  • Front carry is not possible – go for back- and hip carriers.

  • Consider an SSC for back carry- but position the waistband on your body in a way that is comfortable. If it's uncomfortable try a carrier without a waistband (eg. ring sling, onbu or woven wrap)

To read Brooke's experience about babywearing during the third trimester, simply click here.

Got your own questions about wearing your baby whilst pregnant, then please do not hesitate to contact us!

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