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Having your baby close enough to kiss and hands free is the best feeling in the world. Babywearing can make it possible!

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Babywearing Workshops

Join Sarah as she goes through the basics of babywearing  in interesting hands on group or private one to one  workshops geared towards:

  1. Birth Workers

  2. Expectant parents

  3. New parents. 

Learn about the benefits of babywearing, how to confidently choose a carrier that is comfortable and safe as well as exploring the different types of recommended carriers

(Wraps, Ring Sling, Mei Tai, and Soft Structured Carrier)

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Hi I'm Sarah...

I'm a mum of 2, a qualified primary teacher and babywearing consultant trained in the UK. I have lived in London and Dubai and with all my experiences I am now back in Melbourne, Australia. I am passionate about supporting parents build connections through babywearing as they transition into parenthood.

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