Babywearing for Birth Workers

Babywearing for Birth Workers

With SO many benifits, babywearing can support parents and their babies in a variety of ways. It is such a useful tool when done well. Knowing how to teach and support parents how to wear their babies is an excellent tool to have a in birth worker's tool box.


This babywearing course is aimed at Birth Workers and is an introduction to babywearing education. It will give you the skills to show parents how to best wear their babies safely and ergonomically in a variety of carriers.


This 9 hour introduction to babywearing is set over 2 days, the course is hands on, interactive and sets 3 interesting tasks for homework in order to maximise learning.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the course.


I share with you this information in a bid to make babywearing more accessible to parents across the UAE. Please take this knowledge and enjoy sharing it with the people you support.

  • What you need for the course:

    In order to complete the course participants will need the following carriers:

    1. Stretchy Wrap

    2. Ring Sling

    3. An adjustable Soft Structured Carrier that goes from birth.

    Participants can either purchase or rent one or all of the above carriers from Eggs & Soldiers.

    Eggs & Soldiers will provide 25% discount on the above mentioned carriers to enrolled participants of the Babywearing for Birth Workers course.

  • What carriers are acceptable for the course?

    Stretchy Wrap Ring Sling Soft Structured Carrier
    Boba Cotton/ bamboo / linen Hanababy
    Hanababy Little Frog Ergobaby - Adapt / Omni
    Izmi Tula Soul - AnoonA / AseemA
    Ergobaby- Aurura Lenny Lamb

    Lillebaby - Any


  • How will the course be structured?

    Day One:

    Looks at the techical and practical side of babywearing.

    -Myths and Truths

    -Benefits of Babywearing (Baby, Mum AND Dad)

    -Ergonomic Babywearing

    -Safe Babywearing

    -Babywearing and Breastfeeding

    -Introduction to carriers

    -Operating and Troubleshooting the Stretchy Wrap, Ring Sling anf Soft Structured Carrier

    Homework tasks are set.


    Day two: (2 weeks later)

    Is an oportunity to reflect on the homework, revise what you have learned and explore a variety of carrier brands and makes.