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We unpack a Babywearing Consultation

A qualified baby consultant receives independent training to teach others about babywearing. A qualified consultant has extensive training that is both research-based and scientifically-sound. They are trained to provide a high-quality service that will make you understand your body and that of your baby as well.

Yes. There are various workshops, training courses and centres that offer accredited babywearing training worldwide. Sarah from Luxe Carriers completed her peer support in Babywearing through Babywearing Australia and her Consultant qualification with the London School of Babywearing.

As a one on one customer, you will have an individual and tailored babywearing session with Sarah. Prior to a consultation you will receive a short 3-minute survey to complete. This will assist the consultant to prepare for the consultation in advance. A small group session is still tailor made to the group, however, the individual time with Sarah is divided between the number of babies in the group.

During the consultation Sarah will explain:

  1. The benefits of babywearing

  2. What makes an ergonomic carrier and how it can support the development of your baby's spine and hips.

  3. The importance of correct positioning on the wearer's body to ensure they are comfortable and baby is safe.

  4. The importance of safety when wearing your baby. Sarah will help you become familiar with the TICKS guidelines for safe babywearing.

Finally, during your consultation you have a chance to try and practice with a variety of carriers hand selected by Sarah until you feel assured that you have found the exact baby carrier for you. She will also be able to give you all the tricks of the trade to prevent you from struggling with straps, buckles, knots and tightness – Sarah will share her knowledge in a fun and practical way that will make babywearing a breeze.

The cost of a consultation will depend on where you would like to have your consultation and whether you would like to have it with a small group. One on One Consultation – from 300AEDSmall group consultation – from 180AED

No, the purpose of a babywearing consultation is to help you select the right carrier for you and your family. However, if you have a carrier that you need help with, then you can book a carrier fitting.

Ultimately, babywearing merges two bodies – the wearer and the baby. No two bodies are alike, so what might work for a friend might be completely wrong for you and your baby. A babywearing consultant will help you to find a carrier wrap or sling that is the perfect fit for your body, your baby and your lifestyle.

Babywearing can help in a variety of difficult situations including aiding relief for a baby with colic or reflux. Help settle a particularly anxious baby. Helping a mother gain her core strength again after a C-section. Learning how to use babywearing as an aid for breastfeeding in.

A babywearing consultant can help identify and cater to your personal needs. Investing in a consultation before buying a carrier will potentially save you money in the long term as you will come away knowing exactly which carrier is right for you rather than learning through trial and error. A baby grows so fast, so it is important to get babywearing as early as you can!

If you would like to know all about babywearing and from benefits to ergonomics, safety and tips and tricks then a babywearing consultation would be an option for you.

On the other hand, if you would like to just learn how to get the most out of your carrier then a 20-30-minute carrier fitting with Sarah could be all you need.

Sarah understands that 90 mins is a long time to take in information especially when you are a sleep deprived parent of a new-born. After a consultation, Sarah will send you a follow up email with helpful links to tutorials to keep the information alive.

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