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Hasta la Vista Dubai

Hello Everyone! It is with mixed feelings that I write this blog post. After 13 years living in Dubai, the time has come for my family and I to make a change. We left Dubai last weekend to embark on an amazing adventure. With that, Luxe Carriers will follow us to wherever the road might lead. Our first stop, is a two-month sabbatical in South Africa to soak up the southern sun. From there we will be travelling to our new home in New Zealand. I will continue to write my blogs and get in touch with the babywearing mums! I am looking forward to the new changes ahead. Please do not fear, I am not leaving the UAE empty handed! Before departing Dubai, last month in addition to training the staff at Eggs & Soldiers, I have trained 12 birthworkers in Dubai to support new parents on the art of babywearing. Their details are below.



Amy Vogelaar, Love Parenting: Jordana Ventzke, Optimal Therapy & Malaak Baby Care:

Lala Langtry-White, Small and Mighty Babies, The Different Doula & The Little Feather Doula Collective:

Julia Schiffer, Top Tots, UAE:

Cecilia Basse, Independent Doula:

Sophia Janahi, Independent Doula:

Francionette Schickerling, Belly Baby Mom:

Houyem Mahfoudi, Belly Baby Mom:

Cecile de Scally, Malaak Baby Care:

Sofi Chabowski, Eggs & Soldiers:

Lesley Steyn, Mediclinic Wellcare Hospital:

Katie McLean, Katie Jane Dubai:


A big thank you to the lovely families that have allowed me into their lives to teach them about connection through babywearing. Thank you to the women I have met in the Dubai birthing community, you have been a wonderful support and, for this, I am truly grateful. Please do keep in touch through social media or drop me a line at - I'm an email away! Happy Babywearing!

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