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Tandy reviews our Rental Carriers

I first heard of Luxe Carriers through the Baby Bazaar and was very interested in learning more about babywearing. My 2 boys were never keen on it so when I had my little girl I quickly realized that she wanted to be near me all the time. As you can imagine with a busy schedule I needed hands free and hence sparked my curiosity about attending one of Sarah’s workshops. I found the workshop extremely informative and learnt a lot about how babywearing can nurture bonds and help with things such as colic etc. During the workshop I learnt that there is the option to rent carriers and so started my journey of renting. I love the fact that I can ‘try before I buy’, and have so far tried 4 different carriers which has helped me select the perfect one for us.

1) Hana stretchy wrap

2) Tula Free to Grow

3) Hana Baby Carrier

4) Ergobaby Adapt Renting is such a fantastic idea as it helped me: - find the right carrier for me and my baby (since it’s never a one size fits all when it comes to our little angels) - ensure my baby likes to be worn and is comfortable. - with the budget as you don’t end up buying a carrier you will never use. Thank you to Sarah and Luxe Carriers for helping me find the perfect fit. I highly recommend booking a consultation to try the carriers and to rent a few to help you decide on one that works for you and your baby.

Happy babywearing.

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