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The Story of a Babywearing Dad

Sharliza and Frikkie came to a babywearing workshop with their newborn, a stretchy wrap and an interest in learning how to wear their baby. The workshop whet their appetite. So they booked private one on one consultation and have fallen completely head over heels in love with babywearing!

Enjoy reading: Frikkie's story of a Babywearing Dad

As a new dad-to-be, I think we all have that measure of excitement when your better half is pregnant and you start looking at all the gear you get to start collecting. Strollers, seats, cots, play pens. To me, one of these items I looked forward to the most was getting a baby carrier. Not sure why, but the idea of carrying our little guy on walks outdoor was an exciting activity to be had. Obviously my first step was jumping onto Amazon and looking for the good old popular brands. From one brand there were so many options. Which one do you then choose? The one that looks manly? Is waterproof? Has carry pouches?

Just short of this purchase my wife- who was now fed up with me asking 'how about this one' 'or this one?' - found a 'baby wearing' workshop. Baby wearing? Yes. Now I am a new dad. And I must admit, this was a new phrase. So is this a new trend or what? Little did I know it has been around for a while, as my wife informed me. And there is much to consider when buying a carrier.

As with any device we will use for our child - cots, car seats and strollers - carriers too, have health and safety considerations. I was reluctant, however, to this workshop. As I felt these 'things' are for moms. I couldn't be more wrong. Step in Sarah from Lux carriers. Who couldn't make me feel more welcome in a group, which ended up having another dad in it as well btw. She took us through all the do's and don't's with wearing your baby. All the different carriers and structures.

In the beginning, it is a challenge. To have a calm baby while trying to figure out how to put on the contraption is a juggle. Which made Sarah's assistance so valuable. Her patience and guidance cannot equate compared to the calm it brings your little one. To confess we have quite a few different carriers now and admittedly it becomes addictive. All I can say is the trust it builds has no monetary value in my opinion.

With that all said, we have not looked back. I love wearing our son. We go for walks on a daily basis. I'm very glad my wife insisted and I am pleased I went to the workshop. Simply correctly informing and educating ourselves on the babies correct posture and seating in a carrier went a long long way. Believe it on not. We hardly use a stroller. The first thing I opt for is one of the carriers. And with little dude now weighing in at 9kg at 6 months, dad is building himself a solid core! Or so I tell myself...

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