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Emeibaby Review

When the Luxe Carriers team discovered the Emeibaby Carrier we got really excited! Until now we could not recommend a soft structured carrier that would suit most people and babies through their developmental stages from newborn to baby to toddler. Made from organic cotton woven fabric, Emeibaby carrier is one part woven sling and one part soft-structured carrier, allowing a very customised fit for your baby.

The Emeibaby is an awesome combination of the trusted Soft Structured (SSC) with a ring system at each side that lengthens the width of the seat on the carrier. This allows the carrier to grow with baby's legs, ensuring their hips are in an optimal M-position every single carry. The fabric used for this carrier is similar to that of a woven wrap. Woven wrap fabrics are light but super strong. The fabric allows you to create a rounded back for your baby with just enough support at the bottom for a perfect fit.

Babies grow. And they grow fast. Only a few weeks after birth your tiny baby will have doubled his/her birth weight. With the Emeibaby you can adjust the fabric in the seat to create more space for your growing baby.

The shift from newborn carrier, to baby carrier, to toddler carrier is possible. Without the need of an insert, you can carry your newborn comfortably the same way you would carry a toddler - tummy to tummy and always close enough to kiss. Toddlers will love the extra-wide seat that helps support the ideal M-position. To read more about hip development and the optimal M-position, click HERE.

Breastfeeding your baby in the Emeibaby is as easy as dropping the shoulder strap a bit. You have an option to have a narrow seat for a newborn baby or a wider seat for a toddler. The wider seat is great for toddlers as it will keep the weight on your baby's bottom and offer support up to the knees. You will have knee to knee support and a deep seat every time!

Once you have adjusted the carrier to the perfect fit, your adjustments are set and you don't have to adjust the carrier each time you use it. As MommyGearest puts it: " It’s really easy to use, and if you had an infant and a toddler, converting it to accommodate both ages is a snap. It’s really nothing more than a string at the base that tightens the fabric for tinier legs and a smaller bum. The fabric then gets adjusted on either side via ring slings and you’re all set".

The one thing we absolutely love about this carrier is the should pads and hip band. It's comfy and it looks great! Not only can you adjust the straps and the body of the carrier, but there is also an adjustable band at Baby’s neck you for more head support. Overall, this carrier is extremely comfortable and babies to toddlers seem to love it.

So... what are the downsides to this carrier? We can only find 2, they are missing little pockets so there isn't a secure place to store your phone / keys on the carrier itself. However this can be overcome by keeping your bits and pieces in a backpack - which will allow you to roam about completely hands free. This carrier also only carries up to 18 kgs, which are less than other SSC's. That being said, if you can use the same carrier for your newborn baby up to 3 years without any added extras like an insert or extenders, we can let this one slip ;)

So if you are looking for a soft structured baby carrier that will:

  • take you from newborn to toddler without the need of any extras

  • support the development of your baby's spine

  • keep your baby's kips in an optimal M-shape position every carry

  • be completely comfortable for the wearer

  • adjust to your baby's growing body

  • allow you to wear baby on you front (inward facing only) and back

Then the Emeibaby carrier is for you!

All images sourced from EmeiBaby


  • If you don't have a baby expert to show you the correct way of using this carrier, be sure to follow the tutorials

  • Tuck the extra woven fabric into the waistband

  • Always adjust the carrier in the front

  • Remember that you can adjust the rings and the straps

  • Wear the waist belt higher on the wearer's torso the smaller the baby


What we love most about this brand are the tutorials Daniela, the creator of Emibaby has put together to help guide you through the first adjustment and the various ways for wearing your baby on your front and back. Tutorials are given in both English and German.

First Adjustment Tutorial

Front Carry Tutorial

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