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Toddler Wearing

Predicting how a toddler is going to be from day to day is really difficult. One day they will want to be cuddled and carried for hours the next day will be all about ''I do it!” As a parent, you need to be equipped to be able to go with the toddler flow.

With a toddler carrier, you can solve most of the above, even at times when it is not comfortable or convenient to do. A toddler carrier is great to have on hand when your little one gets tired and needs a rest. This usually happens when you are out and about - carriers are easy to use in crowded places or places that are not conducive to wheeling a pram around or you want to contain your toddler so they don’t run off.

If you have carried your little one since they were a baby, the transition to carrying your toddler will be easy. If you have never carried your tot before, it will be a good idea to test a carrier out first, before investing in one. Your little one might not like being in the carrier. Renting a toddler carrier for a week and practicing with your toddler before you go on that trip might help you to both work out if toddler wearing is for the both of you. Seeing a babywearing consultant for a few tips is another way to help workout what works for the both of you.

So, what options are there available to wear your toddler in you ask? We have a few options and will explain when and how you can use them for carrying your toddler around in.

If, however, you need to carry your toddler for a longer period (an hour+) a buckle carrier / soft structure carrier is recommended. Invest in a soft structured carrier with adjustable straps. Straps allow you to adjust the carrier in order to provide support for both the toddler and the carrier. Some carriers allow you to wear your toddler on the front and back. You might find that back carries are more comfortable as your little one gets bigger. The base of the carrier is another important factor to consider when investing in a carrier. A bigger base will ensure that your toddler doesn’t grow out of the carrier too fast. Ensure that seat of the carrier goes from knee to knee to give them the hip support they need.

At Luxe Carriers, we have chosen to stock the Tula and Soul toddler carriers. These carriers are light in weight and fabric and designed for super comfortable toddler wearing in the heat. The ergonomic Toddler Carrier from Tula has a tall and wide panel and offers an intuitive, comfortable carrier for you and your child. If you have an active lifestyle or if live in a warm weather country, we recommend the Tula Coast Toddler Carrier. This carrier offers a reinterpretation of the original framed panel design of the Tula Toddler Carrier but uses breathable mesh material instead. The mesh creates a ventilation that will bring a cool ocean breeze to carrying! Another great buckle carrier is the Soul Toddler Carrier. These carriers are lightweight, breathable and very comfortable. The Soul Toddler Carrier is highly adjustable and will fit anyone from petite to plus size. This carrier could easily replace a pram and is suitable for toddlers up to 22kg.

At Luxe Carriers, we stock the Hoppediz Wrap and Lenny Lamb Wrap. Both are great for toddlers! Long woven wraps are the perfect carriers as they can fit carriers of various sizes, and accommodate a new-born baby as well as a 3-year-old. The only wrap we would not recommend for a toddler, is a stretchy wrap. As the name suggests, a stretchy wrap will stretch and not support the weight of your toddler. If you have a toddler who likes to cuddle or hide from crowds, give your little one a quiet and familiar place by wrapping him/her in front. Woven wraps can also be used as back carries, this position could be more comfortable for the carrier. When wrapping your toddler on your back, spread the wrap high up on your toddler’s back and keep the wrapping tight. Plenty of fabric at the bottom will support your little one’s bottom and can be used to pull their knees up. If your toddler is too wiggly, opt for a buckle carrier instead.

Toddlers are busy little people but when they need the security of snuggles a toddler carrier is great. It is a great way to fill a toddler's needs at impossible times while keeping your little one safe and happy when out and about! If you are thinking of investing in a toddler carrier, come and see what we have in store. You can even book a consultation session to test different toddler carriers and receive great tips on how to wear your toddler.

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