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What's So Good about a Stretchy Wrap?

There are many valuable benefits to wearing your baby from day one. Having them snug in a carrier on your chest with their head close enough to kiss is a gentle transition from being inside the womb to out in the real world. And the best part about it is that the carrying can be shared between parents and carers! However, choosing the right carrier can be a daunting task and that is why we are reviewing the stretchy wrap this week. As a babywearing consultant I usually recommend a stretchy wrap for newborns for the hot Dubai climate I recommend the Hana Baby Wrap a lot. This bamboo cotton blend stretchy wrap that can be used to carry premature babies to 12.5kgs (depending on the activeness of your baby at this stage). These wraps offer full head and neck support and allows you to carry your baby in a healthy and safe position that is ergonomic. When babies are healthy enough to leave the hospital, they are more than ready to be carried snug, next to mum or dad’s body.

Stretchy wraps are ideal to keep a newborn one close and safe. Wrap the fabric around your body and insert/ take out baby as and when needed, no need to take the wrap off, just leave it on. (Tip: I recommend putting it on before you leave the house when you go out) You can even breastfeed in a stretchy! Most stretchy wraps are made with cotton and elastane and come in a variety of thicknesses and directions of stretch. What I love most about the Hana Baby Wrap is that it is made predominately from Bamboo with conventional/organic cotton and elastane. Bamboo is a popular fabric as it is soft, naturally anti-bacteria, has a natural UV filter, is up to three times more breathable than cotton and is hypoallergenic. Making it a good choice of stretchy wrap in the warmer climate.

Tying the Hana Baby Wrap is a technique you will have to practice. It looks more complicated than it is though! Usually after the third try it becomes as easy as pie to tie the wrap. Mother’s always comment at how surprised they are when they realise how easy it is to wrap. Below is an instructional video of how to tie the wrap in a few easy steps. However, if you are not 100% confident and need some support you can always book a 30 minute Carrier Fitting where I will teach you how to make the most of your stretchy wrap.

Once you have mastered the tying technique you will feel that your baby’s weight is evenly distributed over your shoulders and entire back. This makes your baby feel light as a feather! There should be no need to adjust or re-tie the wrap once baby is in place. Be sure to follow the TICKS guidelines when wearing your baby, if you are finding that they are sinking down into the carrier, then it is a sign that the wrap needs to be tighter. Be sure to tie a double knot at the front, side or back of your body, it's up to you!

The Hana Baby Wrap is a fabulous carrier to share between two completely different body sizes and shapes. The fabric of this wrap has a two-way stretch, which means it stretches both length-wise and width-wise. The wrap should fit perfectly as it does not have any buckles or snaps. The elasticity of the wrap allows the fabric to bounce back and not stretch the fabric out. This is a great quality as the wrap will grow with your baby.

In a nutshell the main reasons I love the Hana Baby wrap are:

  • It is a lovely transition for the baby from womb to world

  • The stretchiness of the fabric means that the carrier comfortably and gently supports the baby's spine, hips and neck as well as the shoulders and spine of the wearer

  • It gives you great coverage to do skin to skin in

  • The lightness of the fabric is great for the warmer climates

  • You are able to snuggle your baby handsfree

  • You are able to bond and learn your baby's cues faster

  • Newborns love to be carried so they will love it

  • You can breastfeed in it

  • It is great for small babies

  • It is easy to share between wearers that have different body shapes from petit to plus size.

  • You can use the Hana Baby Wrap before baby is born to wrap and support a bump

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