Thursday Oct 4

Thursday Oct 4

Day 5 IBWUAE2018


Babywearing & Breastfeeding

- Cecile DeScally, Malaak


At this regular Malaak Mamma Morning event, Cecile will talk about breastfeeding, the use of babywearing to support and promote a mother’s milk production, as well as the benefit for the baby’s digestion and how ‘skin to skin’ through baby wearing promotes bonding.


Babywearing Consultant, Sarah, will demonstrate how breastfeeding can be done in the carrier.



Free 10 minute Carrier Checks

-Sarah Lander, Luxe Carriers


If you have a baby carrier that needs a tweak or you are thinking about investing in a carrier a 10 minute chat with babywearing consultant Sarah may make a world of difference!



Free Maternity Bra Fittings

- Kate & Bridget, TKD


The lovely Ladies from TKD will be converting Cecile's office into a fitting room. If you are looking for some extra bust support and advice, be sure to book your spot.


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