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The Onbuhimo is a carrier originating from Japan. It is a unique variation of a soft structure carrier designed to be worn on your back and without a waist band.  The Onbuhimo has one buckle across the chest connecting two adjustable straps to each other to spread the weight of your child onto your torso.

The Onbuhimo is recommended for children from a sitting age and its lack of waist band makes it perfect for babywearing whilst pregnant.  


  • Great for quick back  carries

  • Folds up compactly making it easy to take with you 'just in case you need it'

  • Good for wearing baby whilst pregnant

  • the high back carry lets your little one peek over your shoulder

  • no buckles around your waist to dig into your sides or give you muffin top

  • great for hot weather wearing because the fabric covers less of your body and less of your baby’s body


Approx 8 - 36 Months


7-18 kg

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