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Who are we?


Luxe Carriers was born out of a passion to get parents connected and feeling confident about their new life roles as a mother or father. Founder, Sarah Lander, has used her skills as a Babywearing Consultant, Primary School Teacher and parent of 2 children to create interesting and hands on ways to discover how wearing your baby in a carrier can help support your transition in to parenthood. Rent a carrier or join one of Sarah's interesting (and entertaining) workshops to learn how to get the most out of babywearing.



Sarah Lander

I started my babywearing journey failing miserably with my first born. I was gifted carriers, handed down carriers that worked for friends (but didn't work for me). I didn't really get the value of babywearing and since it wasn't comfortable and easy, I gave up! 

But just before my second child was born a lovely friend (who I will for ever be indebted to) gave me a Boba Stretchy Wrap. I really discovered not only the true benefits of babywearing, I uncovered a passion for sharing my experience and knowledge with fellow new parents; urging them to learn about babywearing and getting right from the very start. 

The wrap I was given (plus the additional carriers, slings and wraps I 'invested' in) were a life saver that helped me to raise a toddler and newborn over the next 4 years.

In wearing my daughter I learned that:

  • she slept more peacefully (and longer) on me

  • she cried less

  • being a reflux baby, she vomited less when I had her upright in the carrier

  • I felt more at one with motherhood. Having her 'close enough to kiss' meant that I could read her cues faster and more successfully

  • My hands were free enabling me to respond and play with my toddler

  • I never had trouble with my milk supply and I was a much happier mum

At the end of 2012 I started attending Dubai Babywearing monthly workshops and a year later I was an active volunteer helping to run the group. Dubai Babywearing taught me the basics on how to wear my toddler and baby in a variety of different carriers. 

I created Luxe Carriers as a service and solution to parents. The aim... is to give you your arms back! I have used all that I know from being an active member of the Dubai Babywearing group along with my training from the London School of Babywearing as a Peer Supporter and Consultant to provide parents with information on how best to wear their babies. Ensuring they safely make the most of the precious moments in the first few years of their child's life.

I love babywearing and hope that the information and the opportunity to learn about babywearing through carrier rentals, workshops and consultations will help you to fall in love too.

I really appreciate feedback on products and services, so where possible please share your thoughts, tips and tricks.

Happy babywearing everyone!


Mummy / Babywearer / Educator / Founder of Luxe Carriers


Need to contact me about something? Reach out, I’d be happy to hear from you.

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